The "Patio Patch" is cute and compact, but still has all the features of her "Woodlands" big brother.

Measuring 1200mm x 400mm, the "Patio Patch" is the ideal solution for small outdoor spaces such as patios and verandas or that awkward corner in the garden that you have been wanting to fill for years. These boxes of fun are finished in 2-pack gloss in the colour of your choice and come with a 5-year warranty.

As with the "Woodlands", the compact "Patio Patch" features a reservoir below the growing medium which provides water directly to the root zone through capillary action. The reservoir is filled with a wicking medium that holds the moisture and allows it to migrate upward into the soil zone. Water is introduced through fittings installed on the side of the bed, including a water level gauge to indicate when refilling is required. The reservoir has an overflow outlet which prevents the growing media from becoming saturated.

Watering from below is an ideal way to support plant growth and bring nutrients directly to the root zone. It is water efficient, discourages weed growth and salting of soil over time. A wicking bed will eliminate the need for watering for at least a week in dry weather. Tree roots cannot invade the garden and rob the much needed nutrients from your plants. As water will not leak from the bed in an uncontrolled or hazardous way, Green Zeen wicking beds can be installed on hard surfaces without any danger or damage.