We are a Sunshine Coast based business that specialises in building custom gardens for aged care villages, facilities, homes, community spaces and schools. Our vision is to revive people’s interest in growing food in their own backyards again and to make it possible for those for who ground-level gardening is not an option. It’s a wonderful way for people to engage socially and have fulfilling activities available at home or in their village. Beds are sited to optimise exposure to sunlight while facilitating safe access, even for gardeners who may use a wheelchair or mobility aid. Green Zeen not only provides the garden beds but the especially blended potting mix, wicking media,seedlings, and ongoing assistance and maintenance if required.

  • Green Zeen garden beds will benefit those looking to set up a productive food garden at home.
  • Our gardens provide the elderly with a productive way to spend more time outdoors, socializing and sharing skills
  • We provide busy families with the means to efficiently produce healthy food in their own backyard..
  • Green Zeen garden beds can be purchased or installed on long-term rental plans.

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